#Música: Alice in Chains (live, 1993)

ALICE IN CHAINS – February 22nd, 1993 – Vooruit, Ghent, BE

24 jun 2022 ********************************************************************************************************

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If you are a representative of the band and want this video removed from Youtube, please send an email to mastervideosffm@gmail.com.

Transferred straight from the Video8 master cassette.

LAYNE STALEY – vocals, guitar

JERRY CANTRELL – guitar, vocals

MIKE INEZ – bass


00:00 intro

00:47 It Ain’t Like That

05:07 Sickman

10:44 Bleed the Freak

14:45 Put You Down

18:27 God Smack

23:23 Junkhead

28:36 Love, Hate, Love

35:27 Would?

39:22 Them Bones

41:48 We Die Young

44:47 Dam That River

48:46 Hate to Feel

54:18 encore break

57:02 Angry Chair

01:01:48 Rooster

01:08:28 encore break

01:11:16 Man in the Box

01:16:23 post show footage

Thanks to the taper and everyone who made this possible.

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