#Música: Thiago Nassif, “Soar Estranho”


Thiago Nassif – Soar Estranho feat. Arto Lindsay & Gabriela Riley (official video)

Soar Estranho is the first single from MENTE, released 3 July, 2020. Stream Soar Estranho: https://orcd.co/soarestranho Stream Mente: https://orcd.co/mente Order Mente on Bandcamp: https://thiagonassif.bandcamp.com/


Read the premiere in Afropop: https://afropop.org/articles/thiago-n… Confined with artists friends and a cinema camera due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thiago Nassif was landed with the difficult but not impossible mission of producing a music video for his newest single: Soar Estranho. Despite the limited resources and locations imposed by the quarantine, Thiago had nothing to complain about. The friends mentioned above were the camerawoman Geraldine Pasztor, the music artist Jonas Sá, the guitarist Pedro Sá (and his son, Nino) and the singer Luiza Casé. With Jonas as director, the group filmed the entire music video using whatever color lamps, cellophane and tin foil they could find at home. Having in mind Thiago’s idea of using paper clippings and the photos produced by Hick Duarte and Caio Paiva for Mente, Jonas used stop-motion animations and fast-paced editing to create a collage effect. The video presents us with a colourful Thiago singing in the midst of a psychedelic entropy of images that cuts between textures and spaces and makes both reality and imagination hard to distinguish; a refrigerator that eats people and dangerous 2D stones that are like hypnotic kryptonite.



Você tem me feito soar estranho Você tem me feito Você tem é feito Me feito Soar estranho Efeito Interferindo com a lua De estanho Multiplicando timbres Eletrizando Você tem me feito suar You left your number You left your number You left your number on my fridge You left your number You left your number And yet you’re so out of reach E tem efeito Tem me feito Suar Abrindo vozes Sintetizando Trazendo ganho Causando e tem me feito soar Estranho Com a boca pintada de azul De estanho E tem me feito soar Estranho You left your number… On my fridge


Personnel: Thiago Nassif: Vocals, Guitars, Loops, Drum Machine, Trumpets Vinicius Cantuária: Drums Guilherme Lírio: Bass Arto Lindsay: Guitar Ricardo Dias Gomes: Minimoog Gabriela Riley: Vocals



Instagram: @Thiago_Nassif Facebook: @musicothiagonassif