Música: “The Here and After” (Jun Miyake & Cosmic Voices)

“The Here and After” concert by Jun Miyake (Japan) featuring Cosmic Voices choir with conductor Vanya Moneva (Bulgaria). Le Centquatre, Paris, 2014

01. Zed Fate
02. The Here and After
03. Colors
04. Abshana
05. White Rose
06. Lilies of the valley
07. Older Charms
08. Petal
09. Red Shadow
10. Easturn
11. The Unspoken
12. Le voyageur solitaire
13. Est ce que tu peux me voir ?

Música: Jun Miyake at Pina Bausch Tribute

* Sobre la película 3D de Win Wenders, Pina, acá mi nota.

Subido el 12/01/2010

Live broadcast at theatre de la ville. Paris on Nov. 28’09
Jun Miyake (Fender Rhodes) Lisa Papineau (Voc) Rene Aubry(Quatro)

Subido el 08/01/2010

Live broadcast at Theatre de la Ville, Paris on Nov.28 ’09
Jun Miyake (Flugelhorn)