#Cine: “Two”, un corto de Satyajit Ray

Publicado el 2 may. 2016

In 1964, renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray was asked to create a short film for ‘ESSO World Theater’, a cultural showcase presented on television and funded by the American oil company Esso. Asked to write and direct the film in English, Ray opted instead to make a film without words. The result is a poignant fable of friendship and rivalry. As he did for many of his films, Ray composed the music for the film, including the haunting tune played on the flute.
After Satyajit Ray was awarded an Honorary Academy Award in 1992, the Academy embarked on an ambitious endeavor to preserve the works of the Bengali filmmaker. “Two,” also known as “Parable of Two,” is part of the Academy’s Satyajit Ray Collection (http://www.oscars.org/film-archive/co…), which includes 18 feature films directed by Ray and preserved by the Archive.
Though Ray worked exclusively on 35mm, “Two” may have been filmed on 16mm, as it was created specifically for television. After an exhaustive search for elements relating to the film, three 16mm prints were found. From the 16mm print with the least wear and tear, courtesy of the Austrian Film Museum, a preservation negative was struck. “Two” was then digitally scanned and picture clean up and restoration were performed to eliminate scratches. The 16mm film’s poor audio was also restored. The film is now preserved and available to screen theatrically on 16mm or as a digital cinema package (DCP). Now, audiences everywhere can see this obscure gem, preserved by the Academy Film Archive, from master filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

#Fotos: entrevista al poeta Darío Canton

A modo de anticipo, se postean algunas capturas del registro audiovisual (actualmente en proceso de edición) de una entrevista realizada al poeta Darío Canton.

En él, Canton contesta preguntas relacionadas a su biografía y obra literaria, explica y comenta el último tomo (dos volúmenes), el octavo, de su magna obra autobiográfica De la misma llama –publicado y presentado en dos ocasiones, en 2017–, y luego lee algunos poemas.


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#Música: The Claypool Lennon Delirium (Live at The Current)




Publicado el 29 abr. 2019

The Claypool Lennon Delirium perform ‘Blood and Rockets’ from their 2019 album, ‘South of Reality’ (ATO Records) live in The Current studio. Personnel: Les Claypool, bass, vocals Sean Lennon, guitar, vocals João Nogueira, keyboards Paulo Baldi, drums

Se presenta el vol.12 de la Historia crítica de la literatura argentina, “Una literatura en aflicción”


Discurso para la presentación de El escritor, soñaba, novela de Juan Maldonado

#Música: Pixies.- Live at Brixton Academy 1991 (Full Show – Remastered)

Publicado el 1 ago. 2016

The Pixies performed at the Brixton Academy, London, in June 26, 1991.
Setlist: 00:00 Rock Music 02:14 Debaser 05:00 River Euphrates 08:27 The Happening 13:04 Allison 14:31 Velouria 18:11 Into the White 21:40 Bone Machine 24:46 Gouge Away 27:25 Hang Wire 29:26 I Bleed 32:07 Is She Weird 35:17 Letter to Memphis 37:53 Palace of the Brine 39:27 Planet of Sound 41:54 Where Is My Mind? 45:53 The Holiday Song 48:04 Break My Body 50:29 Blown Away 52:53 Here Comes Your Man 56:13 Subbacultcha 58:27 Mr. Grieves 1:00:40 Trompe le Monde 1:02:27 The Sad Punk 1:05:12 Monkey Gone to Heaven 1:08:21 Motorway to Roswell 1:11:52 Vamos 1:16:20 Head On 1:18:50 Tame

Invitación: se presenta “El escritor, soñaba”, novela de Juan Maldonado (viernes 10 de mayo, 19 hs.)